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CBD tinctures have lots of health benefits. Therefore, the demand for this product gets increases. The CBD tincture comes from cannabis extracts. The brand needs Custom Tincture Packaging to bring products into the limelight. Hence, the iPackU has a wide range of CBD Boxes (HyperLink). We assure you that you always impress the audience. So, these boxes will be beneficial for newly launched brands. 

Why Is CBD Boxes Packaging a new Sales Boosting Tool?

It’s time to avoid old and boring material. It’s time to spice up a brand with some alluring marketing tools. Not only will they grab the attention of customers. But also create brand awareness. CBD tinctures are a trendy commodity. Therefore, we can find a huge fan of CBD items. If you are involved in the CBD market, you must have Custom Tincture Bottles to stand out from rivals.

There is a way to pay attention to the attractive packaging. Luckily, we discuss the marketing needs of brands. Therefore, we bring custom-made boxes to boost your brand’s sales. Do you know how we help to emerge as a successful brand? Your boxes will be designed uniquely. The printed logo plays a big role. Hence, the logo has the psychological benefit of grabbing customers’ attention.

Do you Perceive the Importance of Tincture Packaging?

Packaging plays a vital role in boosting the position of the brand. Usually, people judge products by outer packaging. They also judge the product’s quality with its box. Hence, the design of Tincture Packaging leaves a positive impact on the human mind. The unboxing also gives anxiety about a brand’s future. Therefore, we take the printing process seriously. Our team will design the suitable logo of the brand on the box. So, it shows the authenticity of the brand. 

  • Boosted Value for Display Shelf:

The packaging shows the quality and beauty of the product. The Custom Tincture Bottles box is an excellent tool for displaying tinctures. Hence, we make the box with the best and most alluring themes. The printing adds extra beauty to the boxes. Automatically, you will get more customers’ attention. 

  • Marketing a Brand with Bang:

There are hundreds of CBD brands serving the customers. They love to rule the market and stand out from rivals. Therefore, they always need stunning Tincture Boxes. We offer these boxes to upscale the presentation of the brand. We make sure to design the box distinctively. Thus, the highly appealing look ultimately makes the brands the best choice for purchase.

How We Customize the Tincture Boxes?

The CBD brand is trying to become the best in the market. However, it would be easy with Tincture Boxes. Certainly, the customization will be beneficial for brands. We also customize the boxes according to your demands. Also, we decide the high-end materials like:

  • Eco-friendly Kraft
  • Cardboard Material
  • Corrugated and Cardstock Materials
  • Rigid Boxes

All these materials are durable. We promise our boxes will offer stability to branded items. However, we choose the styles and shapes uniquely. It’s all up to you to choose whatever size and style of the box. After that, we also add extra ads-on like ribbons and die-cut windows.

  • Astonishing Finishes:

By imbuing the printing, we make the Custom Tincture Packaging astounding. Yes, it is the best trick to attract a lot of customers. However, our designers will add enchanting visual illustrations. You can even enhance the display value of tinctures. We use these finishes:

  • UV Spot Finishes
  • Matte and Gloss Finishing
  • Foil stamping 
  • Gold and Silver Lamination


  • Top-Class Color Modes:

Printing packaging is a critical task. But we guarantee to bring top-class Custom CBD Tincture Boxes. Certainly, we use quality ink for the finest quality printing. This help to avoid further damage to the box. However, our inks would be dried completely. Our designers always use bold and subtle printing. Usually, we follow these printing methods:

  • Flexography 
  • Off-set Printing
  • Digital Printing 

Here we mention some colour modes like:

  • CMYK, PMS Printing Modes

We Offer Suitable Wholesale CBD Packaging Boxes

iPackU has become a successful packaging company. We give real value to our customers. Hence, we take the duty to design ecological boxes. Get our CBD Packaging Boxes for making successful shipping all over the world.


When do I Get My Shipping Orders?

We take 7-10 business days to make successful shipping.

Do you Give Window CBD Packaging Boxes? 

Yes, we are working on window boxes. 

Do you Sell Custom CBD Tincture Boxes at Wholesale Prices?

If you place a bulk order, we give a huge discount.

Product Specification



Product Specification

Premium Finishes

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The Need of Custom Packaging Boxes:

Do you want premium quality custom packaging at an affordable price to leave a lasting effect on your customers so that they remember your brand for years and years?  Ipacku is here for you with all your custom boxes and custom packaging solutions. We help brands to grow and put their ‘best custom box ‘forward’. The custom packaging made at Ipacku is of premium finish and according to your brand requirements; ready to strike a lasting image on your customers.

Here you can trust our team to turn your creative ideas into custom packaging or just choose from our fabulous gallery of inspiring boxes for your products. Whether you want custom retail packaging with a logo or need corrugated cardboard mailer for your e-commerce business, we are here to tailor custom packaging and custom boxes for your unique brand with a premium finish.

Ready to embark on the amazing ride towards your custom box and packaging for your brand? Now is your chance to inspire your customers with our custom packaging solutions.

We Offer Complete Customizations

We at iPackU make sure that your product is completely custom printed and custom packaged to stand out from the rest. Customize your packaging according to the product size, shape, color, style, or design and our talented team will make sure to create a perfect custom box for you at an affordable rate. ‘’Turn your dream custom boxes to really yours custom boxes.” Get a FREE quote today or talk to our team present 24/7. We’d be happy to help you out.

We have 8-10 days of delivery time and provide free and safe delivery anywhere in the USA and Canada, and we will deliver it on time. Our customer service is available 24/7 and assist you in placing the order and replying to your queries. You can call us at any time we would be happy to serve you.

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Max Size L 1.5 x W 1.5 x H 3
Paper Type White Card / Kraft
Paper Thickness 16 PT
Finishing Glossy, Matte, Holographic
Per Unit Price $1.39
Total Cost $1.39

*Custom Prices Can be Low as shown in this image

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    The distinctively unique aromatherapy gable bags are a perfect way to showcase your products. The rigid, study design and additional window and handle make it more convenient to hold and get a good look at the product. Now you can order your aromatherapy gable bag in your desired shape, color, design with custom printing at an affordable price to entice your customers. Our diligent team is available 24/7 to fulfill your design or custom queries. You choose from cardboard, corrugated, Kraft or rigid paper material or give us a call for your custom orders



    Let us help you design custom foundation boxes with your company’s design and logo to boost your sale.


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